This is only one of many new beginnings for me– this blogging business.  Those of you who know me realize that I have entered into the world of technology kicking and screaming so to think that I am planning to make this part of my future surely surprises you.   Please bear with me as my skills are far from developed and my emotions are all over the board.  I vacillate from being excited about starting a new career (even if it is being a couch potato) to being terrified of not having a focus for each day when I get up.

For 27 years I have had a base. I have gone through a divorce, several physical moves, gall bladder surgery, both hips replaced,  ups and downs in my personal life with good and bad relationships but always, always I had my base and when I sat at my desk, I was grounded. Sunrise was my identity–  I am not saying I always made the right decisions or that I always made good decisions, but I always made decisions based on what I felt we stood for and what we were about.

My path has been strewn with some of the most incredible people: my family, professional contacts, personal friends and acquaintances and my residents and their families. As I look back through the years, I realize how incredibly blessed I have always been.  Future blogs may touch on some of these wonderful people but for now, I just want to go on record as saying I have had some magnificent mentors and guidance through the years.

Enough about all of that for right now although I will probably get philosophical periodically and I will be incredibly “wordy”– taking a paragraph to say what a sentence would do nicely, but that is my way and this is my blog so we are kind of stuck with that!!

This is just my first entry into the world of blogging, but my plan is to make an entry at least weekly and probably more frequently while I progress through the month of October and my path of movement from one base (Sunrise) to my next base (home). I imagine it will be a story of highs and lows, of excitement and of fear, of laughter and of tears and I hope it doesn’t bore you. It has been suggested that it will be therapeutic to document my feelings and perhaps give some insight to life after retirement.  I will promise you a trip, with no promise of good or bad, but just my viewpoint through the next few days.

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  1. So here’s the deal…I’m looking so forward to reading. I’ve enjoyed your stories, wisdom, and insight whenever I get the chance… now I get it at my fingertips anytime. Life is good☺️

  2. Boring…I find that hard to believe. As for ups and downs and tears and joy….all part of life. Looking forward to your view of the world from the top of your Ferris wheel!!

  3. Charliss, I’m so glad you’re blogging. Having retired only 6 months ago, it has been an interesting journey, nothing short of a new adventure. ENJOY! I can’t wait to read more 💜

  4. Charliss – you have been an incredible friend, confidant, and by far have the best stories ever! Happy Retirement my friend but you’re not getting away this easy – I’m going to need some Charliss time so I love that you are doing this! You have made the facility proud- now go and enjoy your life just as you always have!! Love you!!

  5. Great news! Congratulations!! You have enjoyed (and were good at) writing for as long as I have known you and I’m satisfied this will be good therapy for you and good entertainment for your followers! love you

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