Well, now that the fact of age has truly been established and documented — even Social Security agrees!, I guess it is time to begin the task of dismantling 27 years of collections and memories.  For the most part, Seth has taken over the day-to-day duties and any planning that goes on in these sessions.  This leaves me to comfortably go through my office and my piles!! (for those of you who know me, know I am infamous for my piles.)  I have sort of made a plan and a time line to start by going through the piles and then the drawers of my desk for starters. The piles do require some completion of projects and I don’t want to leave a mess for Seth to complete so I am working on a lot of “when I get time, this must be done” stuff.  However, when I hit a snag or just got to a place that needed a break, I started emptying the first of the drawers in my desk.

This delightful old desk has been with me since day one and we are both a bit worn from the daily wear and tear of life. It is a huge wooden desk with 3 drawers on the left and 2 on the right.   Under the desk on the board that joins both sides, is a picture of a cat that Amanda drew when she was working with me one day. She was probably 8 or 9 and was sitting on the floor under my desk.   We taped it there and it has been there every since. When we moved from the first office to the second, it stayed securely in place and still is a true source of comfort to me when the days get long or the stress gets crazy.  It is just a silly little cat picture that is BEAUTIFUL and I love it.  Looking around the room, I realize how through the years, I have surrounded myself with lots of little things that mean so much and are so precious and have sustained my sanity and given me strength through the years.  Things that others probably would deem as clutter and would dismiss without realizing their magic! As I dismantle this office, I will take all of the magic with me and allow Seth to “grow his own””.

Drawer #1 is the largest and located on the right side of the desk– it houses lots of things that are miscellaneous and several of the contents are shared with my various staff members as the cruise in and shake their heads a bit at the pile of treasures that have surfaced— (still have things from a convention or two ago).  Under a pile of notebooks and convention handouts that I planned to revisit someday, I found a note from an employee who quit years ago, thanking me for her job!, a card from  my friend John’s mother who passed away a couple of years ago, a special personal note from another employee who has remained a dear, dear friend, Christmas cards from years past– not sure what to do with all of these but so very glad I saved them and will continue to save them!! (I WAS convinced to dispose of the Easter candy from 2-3 years past however!)  As I reached the bottom of the drawer, I smiled remembering that one of the many workshops I had attended. They had suggested keeping a drawer that you could use to clear your desk each day, so you weren’t overwhelmed the next morning when you came in to work and could start each day fresh!! I thought this drawer would work great for that, HOWEVER  Never really did well with that concept– by the time I got set up with yesterdays projects, I usually had four or five new projects that had surfaced throughout the night.  Better for me to just make a new pile and keep everything in view, so not to forget it! Consequently, it became a great catchall drawer for my treasures that I wanted to savor again at a later date and a good start towards preparing for my next life’s adventure!

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