Wow, what a year this has been!  No need to go to a carnival or theme park for the rides— this year has provided it’s own ride– ups and downs and around and round and finally back to the home station and ready for the 2017 ride.  Kind of hope it isn’t as crazy as this year.

This is a very sad day in my 2016, as we learned yesterday that our baby we were planning on gracing our July didn’t make it past the 12th week in uterine.  As I write this, Amanda and Michael are at the hospital to complete the process of ending this dream.  I find it amazing that a little person who we never were able to hold or kiss or cuddle can still be loved so much and leave such a big hole in our hearts.  However, we are so blessed by the five that we can hold and kiss and cuddle (four of Amanda and Michael and one of Jeremy and Amys) and you know that God is gracious and must have just wanted a new little angel to complete his 2016. Her doctor is a wonderful man and assures the kids that there is no reason they cannot try again so that will be a decision they will make in the next few months so there may be another surprize in our future — or not– it is up to them and God and the rest of us will just wait to see.

This is short and as I wave goodby to 2016, I look forward to 2017 and to sharing the trip with all of you.  It will be an exciting and fun time and lots of new experiences to share.  Love to all of you who have made my voyage to date so wonderful.


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