Well, happy New Year to all of you! First week of 2018 is already under our belts! and I am truly looking forward to this wonderful upcoming year and all it will bring!  I have been at my new job for going on 3 months now and every day is a learning experience on a gargantuan (is that a real word– well it is my word!) scale and have a very patient set of teachers who smile and repeat things when they get that ‘deer in the headlight’ look from me– and my wonderful co-worker (Marcia) who is in “Kindergarten Technology” class with me!! Then we hear from these same incredible folks how smart we are and how much we teach them about the health care world– Great team work!!

I am realizing that God continues to lead me in the best pathways– letting me draw on my previous life experiences to add substance to the things I am doing!!  For instance, after high school, I worked at a manufacturing plant in Sioux City where we created Zenith radios. For a while, I soldered up to 18 points on one style of the radios as they came down my line! and needless to say it was not happy day(s) in my life as a line person!  Every pair of pants I owned had a series of burn spots on them and my legs underneath were covered in burn spots also.  Finally they gave me a new job and life on the line was much better — but now when the techs show us the board that is the life’s blood of our monitors, I kind of understand how they are created– not at all the fine tuning that makes them work but at least how they begin!! Who would have ever guessed that a job I was NOT FOND OF at the beginning of my employment journey would have given me some basic knowledge that I can draw on at the other end of my journey!!

Something I wanted to share with you all is my new catch phase–Daily Data Does Due Diligence!  I am learning about data and all of the incredible things it can tell us about the life and times in the resident’s day, even if they can’t. It substantiates assessments, helps to keep them safe, and tells us how we can improve their nursing home stays. It helps us to tune into some of the things their bodies are trying to tell us –sometimes even before they can identify and verbalize it — such as pain or possible infections.  Graphs and the such were never my favorite things (kind of right up there with Home Ec) but suddenly they are showing me fascinating facts! Who would have guessed that Math could improve resident care!  Crazy. Who Knows– Next I will be telling you that the culinary skills I learned in Home Ec are surfacing!!

One last thing today, — progress in my Weight Watcher journey.  On my July 17,2017 blog titled “Finding Me, Starting the Journey”  I talked about a project I was gonna title –CHARLISS– I completed the first part on January 3, and prepared to begin on phase 2.  I have lost 50 pounds and though it was not as fast as I had hoped, it was fairly consistent. I am now beginning phase 2 and plan to run this phase for another 6 months and hope for another 50 pounds!  I have made some good changes but still have a few bad habits!  but will continue to work on them.  I made a plan–complete with goals when I started and then updated those goals on the 3rd of Jan when I started phase 2.  One of my BIGGEST was no more shopping carts– you know the riding kind. I love them and find them way to convenient when I go to WalMart or HyVee — even our little IGA in Airpark has one, that I jump on right inside the front door. Yesterday was my first attempt to complete my shopping list through WalMart and my Granddaughter Jozlyn went with me. She giggled as I said when we walked in, “Oh No, Joz, there is a cart there just calling my name.  Don’t let me go!!” so we rushed right by! I have a fitbit that monitors my steps so we checked and found I logged over 1,000 extra steps. Good thing she was patient, however, as it took us a couple of hours but with not much issue except I was SO stiff when I got home. A couple of Ibprophen though and I was fine!! A new habit developing!

Well, I am going to sign off now, but (I MAY have said this before) I plan to try to do one off these every month at least and maybe a bit more often.



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