I have been waylaid by my computer and this has only deepened my convictions that it (computer) has a mind and a mission of it’s own!!

My last entry was about a month ago and since then I have been fighting and fussing with the computer world.  First I had an issue with my computer not wanting to turn on!! and then my son-in-law, Dr. Michael came to do a house visit and declared it DOA– the mother board went kapoot!! Now I am not sure the real reason it is called a mother board but I can tell you that, were I inclined to use THAT type of language I would have definitely called it the ‘mother’ board!! Well, I am not dead in the water yet– I have my handy dandy laptop!!

NOW! It is a bit obstinate also so it needed time with Dr. Michael– ( I think it was just jealous!) SO sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!  Since it wants to work today, I am going to try to get this put together and out— we will see!

Since I am not sure of the length of time that I can make this machine cooperate, this will be short and sweet and I am saving the psycho-social division for next week and this will just kind of be an update on things so far and then back to the doctor for this poor baby!

My division that I am talking about today will be my continued journey with Weight Watchers and the discovery of things about my body and my metabolism.  I have lost 33 pounds so far which is ok and keeps with my original goal of 10 # a month. (I started on June 3rd,)  but there are ups and downs each week and I continue to learn new things about my silly body!! Weight Watchers talks about Beyond-the-scales goals and progress and those are also amazing. They strengthen the realization that this is a total and complete journey!! I have improved immensely from running down little ole ladies at the grocery store so I can park closer, to biking (stationary) 30 minutes twice a day!! and I still try to walk (for walk’s sake) daily.  Exercise is one of the things that can be tracked weekly and shows visual progress. The WW app  sets a goal of 44 fit points in a week and when I started, I was only able to knock out 3 of 44 points. Last week I was able to log 102 points —  Not quite ready for a marathon yet, but at least it is going up!!

Well, folks– hopefully will be back to weekly entries by next week!  Hope your looking forward to fall and GO BIG RED!!

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