Happy New Years!! Kind of cold and cloudy but not gonna spoil my day #1 of 2017.  I am waiting for my date to come by and we are going out — Pokemoning!  (Not sure if that is a word or the correct spelling but …..)  Oh, by the way, my date is 7 years old and cute as a button!  We have planned to do this all vacation and every day something else has come up so today is the day!  Gonna pick up a tub to finish packing the decorations that came home from Sunrise too, and so all in all, it will be a fun day (and his sisters always seem to appreciate the absence of him on their Sunday afternoon time with Mom, so we will kill two birds with one stone so to speak.)

Well, the new year is flying by already! and I have been so busy that I haven’t gotten back to complete my NEW YEARS Blog!  However, tonight is too cold to go outside and I am not in the mood to clean so I had better get busy and blog!

Strange that I haven’t seemed to accomplish much however, the time flie

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