Christmas morning, 2016 and raining— my favorite favorite weather!  Washes the world clean and a new start promised!  Thunder even !  Wow!  Thank you God for such a beautiful day.

Well, for the first time in my adult life, I didn’t send a single Christmas card.  Even in the old days when we would go through the couch cushions to get enough change to buy the stamps! so I am going to make this blog my Christmas letter to anyone who reads it. This will be my year in review, not so much about the retirement road as I started the blog to explore and share that ,but of course, that also will be touched in it because it is part of my year!

This has been a year!  My youngest son Will and I share a little 2 bedroom house in Air Park in Lincoln, which has always been my favorite part of Lincoln to live in.  It is an area that is vastly populated by a very diverse group of folks– every size, shape, color and creed of humanity. Old, young, rich (well not TOO rich) and poor.  It is a wonderful blend of all that is wonderful in the world.

Will works as an insurance salesman for All State and is doing good.  He likes his job and this year added to his resume the ability to sell Life Insurance along with home and auto. He is a teasing, naughty uncle to Amanda’s crew who live a few blocks away and finds his most relaxing time lying on the couch with the TV, I-pad and phone all tuned to different things. He is the proud owner of 7 pound Shorkey named Giny who runs our household with an iron paw.

Amanda and Michael live just a few blocks away and their kids are part of what makes all of life good!  The two oldest girls are in middle school and have to get on the bus at 7:30ish –rain, sleet, snow and sunshine. They are 7th and 8th graders and next year Ava will go to high school!  I have offered to purchase a minivan and paint it red and black (Lincoln High Colors) and deliver her and her friends to the front door. However, she assures me she will take her chances with the public bus system that transports them to school. I don’t get it!! Both girls played volleyball this year and did great, and Jozzy played basketball too. She is our little shorty, but she can guard and steal like she is 6 feet tall.  (Could possibly be a grandma’s perception but I don’t think so!)  Serena and Bo still go to elementary school and are active in all the after school clubs, plus Serena plays trumpet and sings in choir. Bo is still too young for the extra music stuff so he and I go hunting for Pokemon’s.  Can’t give any specifics, cause I don’t know any, but he assures me we are doing good!  It is an app on my phone and is a lot of fun driving around looking for critters. Michael works for the State of Ne. doing computer stuff and Amanda quit Sunrise when I retired and hasn’t gone back to work yet.  She planned and pulled off an INCREDIBLE surprize retirement for me and added to the surprize an announcement that I was gonna be grandma again in July!  #5!!

Jeremy, Amy and Daxton still live in So.Sioux City.  Amy is a sales coordinator at Beef Products, Inc. and Jeremy is with the police department. He made Sergeant this year and I am so very proud of my policeman!  Then Daxton is in high school– plays trumpet and guitar in the band, plus a great student. He got his Eagle Scout last year — very unusual for one so young!

Mom and Dad are doing well– still quite active and busy. Dad had a pacemaker put in this year, so he is getting back to is old self.  Such a blessing to have both of them still in good health and spirits!  My mother won a game at the Casino and was on Facebook the other day. So funny.

Sisters and brothers and families are all doing great and we have continued to grow until we have to have a hall for holidays!  Celebrating Christmas with all tomorrow (Monday) and can hardly wait!

Lots of changes in my personal life– retired in October and have been reassessing my path since. I am not gonna go into much here as my previous blogs and any upcoming ones will be more about that. Just suffice it to say that I am looking forward to 2017 and what it will bring.

Well, guess I will send this off —(on the 27th, — late as usual) and wish each and everyone of you a blessed end to 2016 and a wonderful 2017!!




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