Well, it is late Thursday night — early Friday morning really, but this is my official Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday  entry because the last couple of nights I met up with an old friend and we talked –and talked — and talked! By then it was time for shower and bed and dreams!

Yesterday (Wednesday) proved to be a bit exciting as Uncle Sam confirmed my  decision to retire by sending me a little tidbit in my bank account!  It was a moment of excitement –“Wow! nice way to start my day!”as I pulled up my balance and then when reality set in, I followed with, “Well Bo is right — better see if Amigos is hiring!!”

As I have mentioned before, the packing and sorting and throwing away has taken place on a daily basis, and I have been lucky enough to be able to concentrate on it for a lot of the time because Seth has dealt with most of the day to day things.  The first few days were a bit tougher because I had lots of memories tucked among drawers and shelves in my office— notes from staff, residents and families (past and present), fun and exotic things from meetings and conventions,  and lots and lots of ‘snippets’ that I have found through the years that I loved and wanted to re-read and possibly use SOMEWHERE for SOMETHING!!

Yesterday and today we packed the car and brought home lots of boxes. My dining room is going to be quite excited when it can go back to just being an area that COULD be used for dining if it wanted to instead of a temporary storage unit.  As I have sorted through many of the year’s worth of workshop handouts and books full of “how to” ideas, I once again recognize that I should have joined the computer era fan club a lot sooner! All of this information truly is at your fingertips and available immediately and a lot fewer trees would have had to be sacrificed. My kids and grandkids have been trying to convince me of this for a while but I am a bit of a slow learner apparently!! (I realized why I never got organized when I found that book on organization tucked in one of my book shelves!!)

I also realized the amount of phenomenal education provided to Nebr. nursing facilities through the years. How very fortunate we are to have Nebraska Health Care Association and Leading Age (our two major associations) leading us through the maze of new regulations that continually come down the pike! AND how fortunate I have been to have an owner who understood the necessity of keeping  current and allowing me to attend the various education opportunities — not a cheap line item.

Well, much more reminiscing in future blogs, but — for now –it is time to call it a night because tomorrow isn’t far away.  Hair appointment in the morning, then paper coming for an interview at 1 and Open House at 1:30. It will be tough– saying good-by to the known daily regime and HELLO to a whole new experience, but exciting too!

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass— It’s about learning to dance in the rain!!! Love this quote and believe it with my whole being because it seems so important to make the most of each day– no one is promised tomorrow.  SO LET’S DANCE!!!!!

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  1. God love you Charliss. I am so blest to have u as a friend. Just remember to turn off the alarm Sunday nite so u can sleep in Monday morning.

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