A few years ago, at one of our Sunrise morning meetings, someone said that one of the residents was lying down to eat their breakfast!  Horrified, I said, “WHOA– Can anyone say, “Momma Cass?”  Looking around at all the young faces starring  blankly back at me, I  realized they didn’t know what I was talking about. This was confirmed when one of them said, “Well, yes, we can say it–but why would we?”  Then I had to go into a whole explanation of who the Mommas and Poppas were and  (true or fiction), the story of Momma Cass choking on the ham sandwich while lying in bed.  I start with uplifting little saga to give some history to the title of this post!! To those of you who are too young to know, Monday, Monday was one of their great songs!!  Anyhow, once again a long explanation for something that could have taken just a few words!!!

Any way, this is for all points and purposes, my last official Monday…. However, Seth had to have surgery, so won’t be able to work for another week and I said I would be around.  The State surveyors will be here next week and CRAZY as this sounds, I really don’t want to miss that.  It will be my last survey and I am thinking we are going to do very well and I want to be a part of that. It is sort of like a report card for our year. State Fire Marshall (no relation)  who also times her yearly visit as part of the whole package deal came today  and we only had a couple of minor things!! Good start!

Hopefully Friday was my low– Saturday, Sunday and today were good.  I am slowly making progress in clearing out my collections–and if I don’t kill my poor cleaning staff off from carrying out everything that I am trashing, we will be lucky!  I am starting to truly appreciate the internet because I am sure all of these wonderful  bits of knowledge that I have saved through the years, but could probably NEVER find if I needed it,  are just a “GOOGLE” away.

I think I have pretty much made it through most of the really personal things, and now it is just books and handouts from old workshops, etc.  I am enjoying some of the things such as a book on disaster planning from 1968 telling how to plan for nuclear attack.  Also, I had saved the early NHCA’s Nurse Aide instruction books that had a picture on the cover drawn by a lady that used to work for us, and some of the illustrations are filmed in Sunrise.  Then there was a book on behaviors that NHCA had published a few years ago that 2 of my staff members helped write and have their names in the credits.

Amanda and I are planning to take her truck tomorrow and start bringing home boxes. I plan to put them in the dining room and when I am not working, we are going to re-do my  bedroom and turn it into a study, then can move them into the study!!. See that is part of how I roll — I can fill my dining room cause I don’t cook much and if I do, we eat in front of the TV and I sleep in my recliner in the Living Room so don’t use the bedroom. I am starting to really look forward to some of these kinds of projects, and it becomes more and more evident to me that life is going to change but I think it will be OK. In fact better than OK— it will be wonderful!


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  1. Mamma Cass- I see that day as clear as if it was yesterday … oh such a good memory😂 I can still see your eyes so wide 😂😂

  2. I remember that Mama Cass meeting! And for the record, I was one that did know who you were talking about. I guess that made me one of the “not so young” at the meeting.

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