Hello again!! Wow!! It has been a while since I have been here and my life has taken a big twirl on the merry-go-round of life but has re-deposited me back on my front step and this time I am a lot more content to open the door and go in!  I am home and glad of it! Many things have happened since my last entry and I would like to share them with you.

First, I consulted for a nursing facility that I had worked at several (50) years ago!!  It was a great experience and I met some wonderful people. It never seems to fail that there are wonderful people no matter where you go! I had considered working there for a couple of years and re-retiring.  However, the owner is contemplating selling it and I don’t want to go through that and guess what…. I am retired so I don’t have to! I did have mixed feelings about leaving as it was close to part of my family– my oldest son and family were only about 21 miles away and I got to see several of my grandson’s football and baseball games. My sister lived 28 miles away and my parents were 27 miles away so it was wonderful placement. I did hang out there for a few months so it was wonderful.  It turned out to be even more wonderful because I spent several hours with my parents and this became very precious because on April 30th, my father passed away. Alert and busy until the end, our time was so enjoyable!

I am going to attempt a new adventure with my blog and will truly appreciate any input from any of you who are reading this.  My family has for, quite a while, told me that I should put some of my stories on paper.  Now I will tell you that I seldom embellish when I tell stories from my past, but perhaps I do remember some of the events a bit different than other folks do. Consequently, my baby sister (who has published several children’s books) tells me to be sure that I let everyone know that I write fiction!  Now in my mind, I am quite sure this is the way that things really happened; others tell me that I occasionally put my own slant on things— who knows!!  Anyway, I have a few short stories that I have written in the past, and I occasionally write one now, so would like to share them with you to critique and please be honest.  Not all are from my past, some are just from the little strings of thoughts that occasionally wisp through my mind. However, if possible, I may put them together in a collection of short stories, so want to know if it is worth my time.

So-o-o-o-o here we go, attempting a new path down this retirement road!  Anyone on board?


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