And what a year it has been!!  It has been a time of ups and downs, of laughter and tears, a year of welcoming new folks into our lives and sadly saying good by to my dad. It was a time I really tried to “get into” being retired and to fully enjoy it but in the end — I just couldn’t get it done. I developed some good habits and I developed (or enhanced) some not so good habits. I started doing some serious sleeping!  I have never needed or gotten more than 5 hours or so a night, and suddenly 8 hours was a routine and still found time for a nap in the afternoons!

Luckily I was invited by my friend Marcia, to come to where she works and introduced to a new product a friend of hers was developing.  I fell in love with it, and when he offered me a position with his company, I jumped at the chance. I am learning a new profession–sales and seem to really like it. Consequently I am writing this from PALM SPRINGS California!!! and it is awesome!  I am at the California trade show and even though I have been to a bunch of them, this is the first time I have been on this side of the booths! It was so beautiful there and the weather was awesome.  And I found out I love to fly — running through the airports presents its own type of challenge, however, but once I get in the plane I am fine!

My weight watcher journey is continuing and even though it isn’t going as fast as I would like, I am down 45 pounds and hope to hit 50 before the end of the year. I have changed a lot of my habits and it has been pretty painless. I am eating humus for dip with green peppers, and drinking water like it is laced with Windsor.

Well, this is short but hopefully I will get back on track doing this a lot more routine as I travel down this NEW trip in my life.  Looking forward with excitement and no tears as I wave goodby to retirement!

Hope all of you have a happy holiday season!!

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  1. Charliss it sounds like you are enjoying all that you are doing. Will you be in Palm Spring for a while? You always have enjoyed traveling. So very glad for you. You always could talk to people that you didn’t know and make them feel comfortable. I can see you in sales.

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