Well, it is time to truly begin the new trip. 

First thing on the agenda is — I guess– develop an agenda!  The house was full of boxes of treasures that I had brought from work, so before I can start a new adventure, I need to establish a base and put into place some kind of organization so I begin to sit up an office. Now rumor has it that I wouldn’t know organization if it were standing naked in front of me. (That makes no sense, I know, but …….)I felt I was organized — it was just Charliss fashion.

I have always thought it would be kind of awesome to have a “HOME OFFICE”, and now– I will have one.  Dress code is pretty causal here– sweats and tennis shoes or pajamas and slippers depending on the mood of the day!  Instead of overhead pages, I have a detective show or a DIY show on for background noise and instead of residents and staff popping in to visit, Ginny, our little shorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix) lies on a pillow on the easy chair and only ‘visits’ when she needs to go outside to chase squirrels or potty! At this point, I am just getting it put together, combining my knick knacks and my work treasures in a snuggly combination that suits me and accommodates my plans to be productive– even though I haven’t decided yet what that productive part will be!!

In the past, the computer desk sat in the living room and was a great place to collect mail, and all those little items that will be put away tomorrow! When I worked on things, it usually was in my recliner with the laptop–on my lap-– and I had a small folding table, if needed, to hold extra papers, etc that was necessary for whatever project I was working on.

Amanda came up and she and Will moved the desk into the bedroom-turned-office, dusted off their hands and left. In order to move it from the living room, I had cleared off all of the clutter and collectables and realized:  #1. what a pretty piece of furniture this is and  #2. what a huge, heavy  piece of furniture it is! I push my good ole dependable office chair up to it and I am home! Already I can feel a transformation in my train of thought.

When moving out of my Sunrise office, I had sorted through the things I had gathered over the past 27 years. These have meant something special to me for one reason or another. Some were personal items — little items that someone had given me, notes and cards I had received, a napkin or matches that were memorabilia for one reason or another. Although I had left any thing that was Sunrise property there, I had brought books purchased and handouts saved from the various workshops I had attended through the years. The books and handouts I had saved because the information was good, or had information I planned to share with the staff; then there were a lot of the research papers I had used for various projects and classwork to complete my Bachelor’s degree.  When I was going through things at Sunrise, it seemed important to save them and go through them at a more leisurely pace, but now I am kind of thinking I really didn’t need to bring all of them because I REALLY CAN get this information (and more recent) on the internet which I still have at my fingertips and now I have more time to pursue the research because the only interruptions are putting the dog out!!

Time is strange right now and I find myself kind of ‘floaty”!  I realize how my disorganized life style was really more organized than I realized and that it had focus.  Now I can nap at 10 in the morning or watch TV and write on my blog at 3 in the morning because I CAN!  I have found myself wanting to GO somewhere, but when I get in the car, I just kind of drive aimlessly around, only to return home and back to organizing my new office, or doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom or watching TV, or playing on the computer or taking another nap!! Folks have always said that prompt time management was NOT a strong point of mine, but now that I don’t need to manage it, IT IS WEIRD!

Training through the years has been working my home life around my professional life whether it was working nights or days and one job or two.  It was also full of family and friends– immediate or extended– fun and responsibilities. It was being OK with 4 to 5 hours a day sleep, or catching a quick nap at a train crossing while waiting for a train to cross! Each minute was pretty well full doing something!  It has always been my theory that I will sleep when I get old —and I might be getting close to old because now I sleep whenever I take a notion. NOT OK-– Now it is time to re-train and develop a new focus.


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