AND What a party it was!!   Saturday I went to the Keg on 20th and O for a couple of drinks with my friend Sherry and her hubby. She very nonchalantly suggested we introduce her hubby to Huskerville, a little community pub in Air Park. I called my daughter to see if she and her hubby wanted to meet us there, but she said they were already there, so we headed out.  When we walked in I had the shock of my life!  There were people that I knew — everywhere and in the middle of them were my Mom and Dad!  My brother and sisters and their spouses, kids and grandkids, and friends —- oh, my goodness friends— current and past employees.  The bar was as full as was my heart. All of these wonderful people there to wish me well in my retirement.  As I went from table to table, I was so thankful for each of them and the contributions they have made to my life.

The night was wonderful and I didn’t even realize how bad we were being beaten by those Ohio folks until the next morning!!  Sunday was a lazy day, trying to relive the evening before and just savoring the special time I had with each person. I spent a great bit of time re-reading or actually really reading all of the beautiful cards and notes and well-wishes and laughing or crying a bit as I treasured each one–so many memories and so many stories. The other thing that really touched my heart was the effort so many people had put into being there.  Some of my family members had traveled hundreds of miles and had to travel back late– my friend Hardy who is blind and had missed the bus had grabbed a cab — my brother Jim who truly enjoys yelling at the Huskers when they do less than stellar not only gave up the comfort of his man cave, but restrained himself during the Husker performance! my mom made my very favorite chocolate cake and brought it in the cake pan that has attended a hundred family gatherings. These examples go on and on– such incredible, wonderful people.

Since one of the beginning goals of this blog was to share my feelings of this life changing event, I also spent some time just ‘examining my feelings’ and I realized that it really hasn’t sunk in yet. So far it has been like a month long party with lots of reconnects with old and new friends, special time with residents and current staff, parties and gifts. I know that I have a tendency to stuff my feelings (especially negative ones), and I don’t want to do that with this.  I am trying to make this a time of truth– good and bad!

Monday will be my true LAST DAY, because state will exit and I will put my chair in my car, turn in my key and come home.  Still doesn’t seem real.


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