Trick AND treat week– that will be this ‘after the party-then go home’ week. See that is the trick- coming back to work after my going away bash!! It began on Monday, my truly last Monday in an office that has suddenly become very big and echoey– (not sure that is a word, but like I said– it is my blog),  sitting at a desk that truly  is made of wood, kind of forgot that!! BUT nice wood. Thank goodness I got a magazine in my morning mail that had a lot of loose mailers in it.  I was able to spread it out so that the desk still looked like mine –covered with papers. However, I was able to open that big drawer (remember the first one I emptied) and place my purse in it. That was a nice touch!

Our State surveyors came early this morning for the first of the next three days to complete our yearly review.  It is a little tense, but not bad because reality is that there is nothing that can change at this stage.  They will find what they will find, they will give us suggestions and tell us what we have to fix and then they will leave. We will grumble a bit about the visit, then get busy and make a plan on how we will improve the areas they found deficient and get on with our day to day business— only this time I will be left out of the second half of the equation.  I will hear the verbal findings and get to be there for –and be part of –the grumbling that will take place on Thursday and Friday, but won’t be there when the written report comes in and the response goes out nor will I get to be there for the work part– hey this retirement timing is getting better and better,huh??

Tuesday was pretty much the same except this was definitely one of the TREAT days.  Through the years, we have frequently enjoyed “Taco Tuesdays” at Sheri’s– the grill and bar in Milford, but today was even more wonderful because Cindy, Jo and I were joined by two old and dear friends.  Joyce who was my secretary for over 20 years and tells the best jokes ever and Celia who was my Director of Nursing for over 14 years and who taught me volumes of things about not only nursing, but about LIFE. We talked for a couple of hours, then made a plan to do this routinely. Hopefully life will not interfere to the point that we don’t do that– it was a super delightful day with lots of laughs and memories and good tacos also!

By the time we finished lunch, I decided to just call it an early day and came home to begin the work on turning my bedroom into my new office.  I need to get the furniture arranged so that I can begin to start to put away all of my treasures and begin my new life.  I know I am old-fashioned, but I LIKE curtains on my windows.  Since we have moved in, I have had blinds on my windows but today I hung curtains over the blinds.  I love the added color and it seems homier to me. When Will got home, he was even a little impressed although he has told me for months that it is dumb to add to the window treatment.  However, I am not sure if he is more impressed by the visual change or the fact that he didn’t have to help do it.

I had left a message with an ex-employee this weekend and  and he returned  the call. We made some tentative plans to get together and decide if we want to write about a program we had tried a few years ago.  We can evaluate the pros and cons and perhaps put it all together with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. This is exciting— a few baby steps toward my NEW LIFE CHANGE.

Well, guess it is time to call it a night and prepare for tomorrow–  Wednesday– hump day and the mid point of my last week.  Kind of scary . We shall see what it will bring.

Good night one and all!



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  1. I have no doubts Charles but I know you will have some regrets but keep pushing forward. Remember I had to push you at hospital training years ago and I am still here and still love you as many others do.

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