Happy February!  It is a beautiful month that teases us with a few nice warm days to wash our cars and open windows to air out the winter musties, then the next day slams us with cold wind, snow and ice.  As Nebraska natives, we should be so used to it, but even though I have gone through many Nebraska Februaries, I always fall for the teasing and then become frustrated with the scrapping of windows and advanced warming the car the next day.

Well, it is now April and not much has changed!! Still warm and cold days and I heard there was even a wanted poster out for Punxsutawney Phil!  Some folks take that spring news pretty seriously!

I am bringing a couple different topics to this blog! One is that I am still working at my new job with J Brasch Co. and I still love it.  To be in on a beginner company is amazing and a huge learning curve but I am finding that even at this ripe old age, I am still able to learn — not just new stuff but stuff that I had not even known existed!  Suddenly I am beginning to understand crazy things like the difference between internet and WiFi and how a mesh network works!  John (the J in J Brasch Co) assures me that soon I will be able to comfortably talk this talk, so I am working in that direction.  Someday soon, I may be able to talk to my BoBo about cool stuff and really know what I am saying!! Hopefully that will be prior to his turning 10!  (He is 8 now)! I have developed a new title that I am also very proud of and that is Director of Customer Support and Training.  I also have a crew member in my division now who is pretty computer technology savvy and we seem to make a pretty strong pair— he is kind of the zing to my zang! Young and very patient in the explanation department which is vital and his mom is a nurse so he has an understanding of what weird sense of humor nurses may display at various times–  hum! My friend Marcia and I still seem to require quite a bit of patience and training and he fits in well with the other young folks in our organization. Truly wonderful and extremely wise youngun’s.

On another different (but kind of the same) note, this year is bloomin’ with something that makes my heart nearly burst with pride!! Three of my favorite LPNs have made that giant step into the world of RNs!  Through the last few years, I have watched these awesome young ladies and their wonderful journeys –not just their scholastic journeys but their maturation and their developing into not just wonderful nurses but wonderful, kind, loving people who make this world a better place! So very proud of each of them!!

Last but certainly not least!! I want to share a hiccup in my own journey of weight loss. My last blog reported I had finally hit the 50# mark and was ready to start on the second phase of my journey. I am rather disappointed to report that I slowed to a snails pace these last three months BUT April 1 seemed to be a turning point!! (At least I think it is!) I only lost 7 # in all three months, so really need to kick it in this next 3 months to keep on any kind of progress that I had set as my goal!   I am back to walking (on a treadmill) 2 X a day. Now those of you who know me will realize this is a big step forward because #1. I really do not like to walk and #2. I have always felt that if you lift up a treadmill, there will be the remains of folks that it has eaten!!. I also have joined the Y with a plan to do water aerobics several times a week. Now I have packed my bag to go to the gym and have driven by the Y to make sure I know where I need to go so only thing left to do is TO GO!!

Hopefully, next blog will be one full of progress (made it from the car to the pool) and pride (for conquering my fear of that dreaded treadmill!!)  Guess we will find out so till next time– —

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