Saturday morning dawning bright and beautiful.  Well, yes it should be my first day of  real RETIREMENT, but we had surveyors last week and they got called to another facility before they could exit, so they are coming back on Monday — and so am I!! Survey is kind of like a report card, and so I want to see how we are doing. If that makes me nosey (like my kids say, well then call me nosey!!) My theory is that as long as you do what you think is the right thing for your residents and do it for the right reasons, then you should be OK.  Occasionally you have to fight for your decisions and occasionally you lose, but I seldom did things because “the state would really like this”.  If I felt it was right for us (and by us I meant ALL of Sunrise — staff and residents), then that was what we tried to do.  Also, never believed in ‘paper compliance’. If we said we would do it, then we tried to do it– not just give it lip service.


So many things I want to say to my department heads and how I wish I could give them the security of knowing just how damn good they truly are.  It is a bit scary because change is tough, but they know Seth and they know he has a good heart so he will lead them well. Of course there will be a learning curve but with Healthcare, there is always a learning curve so you just get use to it.

Well this is kind of short for me but I have a ton of errands to run AND I have a meeting with my friend Sherry and her hubby this afternoon followed by football tonight so best get going.

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